Mark Victorson

Profile Updated: February 26, 2016
Residing In: Woodbridge, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Pat Victorson
Occupation or Previous Occupation: US Army & VP, NDTA; now retired
Children: Mark Harry, born 1987
Military Service: Army  

Served 30 years in the US Army Transportation Corps and as Army Attache' in Paris, and Defense and Army Attache' in Cairo. 20 of those years were spent overseas. Served over 12 years as Vice President, National Defense Transportation Association, an association, which works Defense logistics issues. Retired last year and am now serving on a Helpline, at a local homeless shelter, as president of a not-for-profit that funds the shelter, teaching adult Sunday Church School, and working my synod's relations with synods in Namibia.
Am now also serving as a caregiver the Home Instead and will soon be providing hospice care as a volunteer with Capital Caring. Will be in Chicago in April for a meeting at our Church headquarters with a Namibian Bishop.

School Story:

Trying to understand Darryl Lund's New England accent. Either he lost some of it over time, or we became accustomed to it.

Favorite Glenbrook South Teacher and Why:

Misters Murphy, Lund, and Baumhardt. They taught me to think.
Frau Schultz. See my comment below, and I notice I spelled Chuck's last name wrong. I said I was good in German, not English.

Best High School memory:

Playing Willie Loman in "Death of a Salesman." Tough role for a teenager, but John Baumhardt got me through it.

Where have you traveled outside of US?

Served two tours in Germany and in Hong Kong, France, and Egypt. Visited countries in their regions. Departing Hong Kong, we decided to travel on around the world and visited India and Kashmir. Also, got to Namibia, a huge and very Lutheran country.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Most folks would be surprised that I made a career in the Army.

What did you always want to do but haven't done yet?

Not much.

How old do you feel?

I just walked my street dog from Cairo named Re. He is going on 17 years; I feel very young.

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Chuck Jorgenson reminded me that I should have listed Frau Schultz as one of my favorite teachers. Her outstanding teaching and high standards gave me a basis in German that led me to a second college major in German, a year at the University of Heidelberg, and two six-year-each tours with the Army in Germany, where I dealt with stevedore and trucking contractors in their language, and spent two years as US Army liaison to the German Army's Supply and Transportation School. She gave me a great gift.

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